Wednesday, November 04, 2009

cold snap

Hi everyone!

The weather changed yesterday and all of a sudden it's cold. One day the heaters weren't even plugged in and now they're going full blast. And I have to say I'm happy about it for several reasons.

One: I'm supposed to be planning some Christmas events and it was really hard to get in the mood when it's still over 70 degrees outside.

Two: Every morning the girls and I had a hard time deciding what clothes to wear. Is today a shorts and T-shirt day? A jeans and T-shirt day? Should we wear long sleeves or a T-shirt and a jacket? Sometimes we were wrong and the girls would come home hot and sweaty or freezing cold.

Three: Because of "two" I had to figure out how to cram most of the girl's summer clothes and their winter clothes into their drawers. That seriously doesn't work. I will happily pack away all of our summer clothes this week. Yes, I said happily because I love organizing. And if you're giggling behind your computer screen at me when you can just shut it!!

Four: We are getting sick of summer food but it wasn't quite time for winter food. Now I can add stews and nabe into my weekly menu.

Five: I just love the cool weather. I love how the air smells and I love how clear and blue the sky is and because of this wonderful season I can bear living through the awful summer.

Six: And this is really the most important. I can finally wear all the clothes I bought in Portland last month!!