Monday, October 30, 2006

misaki elisabeth

This is Misaki Elisabeth. She is 4 years old and will be 5 on Valentine's Day! Misaki is a compassionate, observant of small details, going-my-way little sweetheart. She is outgoing and makes friends easily. When the rest of us get sick, Misaki is healthy which is probably due to the fact that she sucks her germy thumb and therefore has built up antibodies to almost everything!!

If I would dare to compare Misaki with Emi (good mommies are not supposed to do this), they seem to be complete opposites. Emi loves sports and although Misaki will participate, it's not her favorite thing. At the sports day, when Misaki ran her race, she paid attention and followed the form that she had been taught for starting but instead of running "full out with her eye on the goal", she half-ran/half-skipped and was totally pleased with her performance. They both love music, but where Emi will practice until perfect, Misaki will practice until someone let's her stop! Where Emi loves to know all about the music being played, Misaki would prefer to just enjoy it.

The one thing that Misaki excels at is art. She has constantly surprised me in this area probably because I'm not much of an artist. She can't color within the lines to save her life but give her a blank piece of paper and a pen and she's happy for hours. She attends the art club at her preschool and they have taught her so many things (I think - it's hard to get out of her what she does all day) and her drawings really show her personality and what she thinks about the world around her.

This is a drawing that Misaki did this week. A friend of mine saw it, loved it, took it home, cut around the interesting parts, colored them and arranged them like this. I was speechless when I saw it!

I couldn't believe that my little Misaki had done something so creative. Honestly it's a relief because for the first year of her life Misaki did little more than sit and smile at us. She was so cute and so chubby and not really interested in much of what was going on around her (probably because her big sister Emi was monopolizing everything) but when she started to walk (finally - 15 months old) her personality really blossomed and now she's the most interesting one of my daughters. She is constantly doing and saying things that are beyond funny and you never know when she'll have one of these inspired moments. A lot of the time it seems that she isn't paying any attention at all - but she is - and that is the mystery that is Misaki!

It's hard to say what Misaki's life will be like with the not conforming, not coloring within the lines type of personality she has but for sure there will never be a dull moment! Please pray for us!!!


Grammy said...

What a fabulous presentation of Misaki's work! Please tell her how much Grammy and Grampy enjoy her pictures.

Hannah said...

Ok, you were absolutely right about that picture. I was not let down or disappointed in the least bit. What a gorgeous, talented little girl you have!