Thursday, November 30, 2006


Our normal bedtime routine is to have the girls change into their pajamas, Emi & Misaki will go potty while one of us changes Sakura's diaper, we brush their teeth, pray, everyone kisses everyone and then the three of them go up to their beds and go to sleep (usually!). If it's not too late we'll read a book together in the middle somewhere.

Although this routine is usually uneventful, lately the kissing section has taken on such a life of it's own that Chikara and I are never sure if we'll actually make it through. Why? Well, Emi kisses all of us in a certain order (anyone surprised?). She has kissed all of us in this order for at least a year - Misaki, Daddy, Mommy, Sakura and now Natsuki. The problem arises for her when Misaki decides that she doesn't want to kiss Emi (sometimes there is a reason and sometimes she's just being a typical little sister). This throws off Emi's order and she won't kiss the rest of us until Misaki capitulates. Misaki doesn't have an order, she kisses us as she feels like it. Lately Sakura has realized that there is a drama going on and she doesn't want to miss out on the excitement so she'll lay passively on the couch or refuse to turn her face towards her sisters or something along these lines which irritates both of her older sisters much to her delight.

Yesterday as we got to the kissing part of our routine, amazingly Emi and Misaki managed to keep the drama to a minimum but Sakura would not go so easily "into that dark night" so she sat in the corner of the couch and made each of us come and kiss her in turn. Finally it was Chikara's turn but he was holding Natsuki so he couldn't bend down which meant that Sakura would have to stand up to kiss him. She tried at least three time to strain her head up as high as she could with her little lips pursed for a kiss but when she realized it was futile she let out a sigh, rolled her eyes and said "Gosh!". Then she stood up and kissed Chikara, bounced off the couch and walked up the stairs as if nothing had happened.

One day this melodrama will end so I'm writing it down so that we will remember these sweet moments!


Anonymous said...

When I was there I was put in the Emi order first - lucky me! You think this will end, but with girls, you never know.....they may keep it up until they leave home.
Love Mom

Hannah said...

We've just now gotten to the "everyone needs a kiss" routine with Felicity. My favourite is when I get a kiss followed with "you best mommy ever, ever". My other favourite is when she tries to kiss Xander and he utterly refuses, going so far as to fling all limbs in all possible directions in order to keep her away. It's just way too much love for him.