Saturday, March 03, 2007

keep it in your heart!

Lately Emi & Misaki have been fighting over who will get to set the table. I have absolutely no problem with this and they are usually able to amicably decide who will get to do it each day.

The other day Misaki came up to me early in the day to ask if she could set the table...

Misaki: Today can I set the table?

Me: Sorry sweetie, Emi already asked if she could do it today.

Misaki: oh...

Me: But you can do it tomorrow if you'd like?

Misaki: Yeah, I'll do it tomorrow...

as she walked around the corner, she suddenly popped back

Misaki: ...keep it in your heart, okay.

I can totally deal with this cuteness!


Abigail Munday said...

That's extremely adorable!

Hannah said...

Okay, that is almost as cute as Felicity putting her hand to her neck and saying "you almost hurt my life!" when I accidentally knocked her over. Okay, now that I think it over, Misaki's might have been cuter. But barely. And only because it was probably in Japanese.