Monday, May 21, 2007

sit down before you read this

If you're wondering what's going on in Japan, take a look at this. As we raise our girls in Japan, crime that is planned out in advance doesn't worry me, but the random, crazy stuff freaks me out!


medea said...

I have never felt as safe in Japan as at home. Even if the crime rate is similar, I don't feel the police want to stop crime or even have the tools to do so. It's one of the things that scares me about this country.

Mom said...

Sarah, besides being freaked out, how does all this make you feel? Do you think that God arranged for you and Chikara to be in Japan at this particular time in Japan's history? Do you feel like you have answers, or do you feel that you have a venue to help? I'm curious - it's much easier to sit outside the country and design platitudes for you to live by, but what matters is what you are living with in your heart...I'm so proud of you for the way you approach the challenges you live with.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi, this just brought something up to me, have you ever thought of moving back home? When you were talking about moving to Japan did you have a deal or anything where you would live there for 10 years and then move here or was it always the plan to stay there until the girls are grown up?
Love Kim

coarse gold girl said...

Like Medea I actually have often felt much less safe here in Japan than in the States. . . but I think that is because in the States I lived in rural areas, here I have lived in downtown Yokohama and in Osaka (HUGE cities). Now that we are living in the inaka I feel pretty much as safe as I always did back home. And actually, it is a huge bonus that everyone here isn't allowed to own a gun! Knives, I can maybe dodge? Bullets . . . nope, don't think so.

Here's a good counter to the horrible headlines recently: did you read about the group of highschool boys who saw a disabled person have an epileptic fit and fall into the train tracks at a station? They all worked together to save the person! Yea!

I myself, really needed to read that story--I was starting to become unreasonably uneasy around any and all high schoolers!

Trisha said...

Last week, I had a very interesting conversation with my Japanese teacher. He is in his 60s and said that he could remember when Japan was a peaceful and safe place to live, but that was before the foreigners came and things went down hill from there. He blames the current state of affairs in Japan on foreigners (Much like many people in American do) but I couldn't beleive that he was saying it to me. It felt like he was saying, "Hurry now. Go pack your bags and leave so Japan can get back to being safe." Let's stop trying to blame this ethnic group or that minority and try to find ways to solve the problem, I replied and was thankful that our lesson was almost over. And what your Mom said about what matters is what you are living with in your heart, I wholeheartedly agree with. I think I would like your Mom if we ever met, she sounds like a wonderful, caring person.