Tuesday, June 26, 2007

a case for central airconditioning

No matter how well the airconditioner is working in the living room, if I need to go to the bathroom even for a minute, I return covered in sweat, which is why I cannot believe that Sakura has chosen *this* moment to figure out how to use the potty.

Seriously. I cannot catch a break.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything is starting to work out with all the new stuff going on! Only one more girl to go for potty training and your ready to take on highschool! Aren't you excited!
Love Kim

coarse gold girl said...

Oh yeah, I hear ya on the "case for central airconditioning".

And I have been there, crouched and sweaty in the bathroom coaching,encouraging and applauding a toddler on the potty! Do you have a small fan that you set up in there?

In Japan, in any room without Airconditioning and without moving air, in the summer time is a sauna.

Claire said...

We kept the potty in the corner of the living room, for quicker access in case of sudden need. Now I see that location had other advantages too!

Sarah said...

I wish we could keep a potty in an actual air-conditioned space but we've also got a crawling baby and the combination of those two makes me nervous. I'm not good with messes.

Gina said...

Yup, I can relate. When we first moved to Japan and rented a regular house, we would sweat going from room to room in the summer. Since we didn't have central. Or freeze going from room to room in the winter depending on which season. That is exactly why, when we built our house now, we put in our central air and heating. But, I do remember what it was like. : ( I'm so sorry that totally sucks! Good luck on the potty training btw! : )

mom said...

You are forgetting to comment on what that extra heat and humidity does to the smell of those precious body functions......ah, Japan in the summer!
love Mom