Friday, September 07, 2007

bum-biting bug song

There is a song on NHK (our public-broadcasting station) that the girls really love right now. They've even learned the actions and everything. I found this version on YouTube and it has the English subtitles on it.

It's called "Bum Biting Bug Song". I could not make that title up and as you will see from the lyrics it has no real meaning but it's cute so enjoy.


Anonymous said...

My dd is in the fifth grade and she said all the kids love it...yes, even 11 year olds!!


cara said...

i love how "one ass and one ass makes an association"! how profound. :) that was hilarious and much better than the macarena song. you should try to video the girls doing the motions to it.

Trisha said...

Bailey conned me into buying the single for it so he could enjoy it "everywhere he goes"!

Mom said...

Youtube pulled it because of copyright infringements, so I missed it. Anybody got a copy they would forward me?