Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wow! That's a lot of old people...

I read this article online today about how there are over 30,000 Japanese citizens over the age of 100. That's a lot!

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Henri The Amazing said...

I remember reading somewhere (bathroom?) that Japan has the highest ratio of old people to young people in the whole world.

In other words, I hope you're not planning on a state-financed retirement. ;-)

Oh ya.. it was "Time" magazine. It was an article about how people are living longer and they are having fewer kids, which means when we retire pretty much every country's social "security" plans will be bankrupt. It was a really uplifting article and filled me with hope for the future.

Also in that issue was an interesting article about how the Muslim population of Europe will be 3x the "other" population (all other religions combined) by 2050. The point of that article was that the Muslims have already "won" the war on changing politics in Europe. It's just a matter of time. Literally.

Anyway... Aren't I in a bit of a random mood tonight, eh? I gotta go to sleep. Sheesh.