Thursday, November 22, 2007

I don't understand...


Did I ever write about the first Christmas we were in Japan and I was really homesick and my in-laws took us to the brand new mall and it had beautiful Christmas lights everywhere and made me happy but when we went in the mall all of the signs said "1th Christmas"? That was wrong, too.


coarse gold girl said...

The very very worst, "this is not right" that I have ever heard about was from a friend who sometime in the mid 80's saw a Santa Clause figure cruxified on a cross on the front of a Department store. Although ironically, kinda does speak directly to how commercialization and exportation of just the commercial side of the holiday can twist and mix things up so much!


Gina said...

1th Christmas, eh? Yup that's bad! Ha ha ha! : )

And the pic you showed about Merry HOT Christmas was funny too!

Seeing wacky signs like that always make me smile. Now you mentioned those 2, now I will have to look around my area and see if I see anything weird now. LOL. Wink, wink! If I see anything overly wacky, I'll post it, k. : )