Wednesday, January 02, 2008

the dresses and the wedding

Mom, thank you so much for sending the beautiful dresses.


Mom said...

You're welcome! Nothing says Christmas like a sea of tartan taffeta!

coarse gold girl said...

What a gorgeous wedding! And your daughters look like the crown jewels! Those dresses your mother sent are absolutely beautiful!

Do you have many occassions for the girls to wear them? I let my two wear their formal clothes on weekends, around the house, whenever they want basically as we just don't have that many special occassions for them to use them! In the states there would be more weddings where the whole family is invited, birthday parties, etc. But here, not so much. With my eldest I would save the "Easter dress" for Easter and then I realized quickly that it meant that we only saw her in it ONCE! So now, although people do turn and look, we often go shopping in Jusco outfitted in matching taffeta! (not me, just the girls!)


cara said...

they look so beautiful! Alynne, i think you should share your dress style sensibilities with a certain mother-in-law i know. :)

Jeremy & Andrea said...

So cute!