Wednesday, April 23, 2008

an addition

I almost forgot the most amusing moment that I wish I could've capture on video. It would be the look on Misaki's face at dinner when Sakura told her to scoot over to make room for Sakura's new imaginary friend, Sakorika-chan. Even for Misaki, our creative child, this was out of the realm of possibility!

I've read about imaginary friends and children tend to create them after a big move or after older siblings go off to school and younger children lose their playmates. As much as Sakura likes playing with Natsuki, it's not the same as playing with her older sisters. Through some nonchalant questioning, we found out that Sakorika-chan is an one-chan (older sister) and that makes total sense to me.

I had imaginary friends when I was little, too. Actually I had three of them. I don't exactly remember their names but my parents clearly do since they've reminded me from time to time. Somehow I'm glad that at least one of my girls has created an imaginary friend for herself. Maybe the same will happen with Natsuki when Sakura starts preschool next year. I guess I'll have to wait and see. Hee-hee!


Lulu said...

How cute! Love the name of her imaginary friends!

Mine were called James and Mary and James wore Blue overalls and Mary wore pink ones. Apparently they appeared around the time my brother was born. I used to blame stuff on them all the time!

My brother and I also shared an imaginary friend later in life....When I was about 6 and he was 4. My mum was sick a lot and apparently she thinks that is why he existed....He was bald but a child. That is all I remember!

Mom said...

Your imaginary friends were Gidders, Nanners and Chokers. I don't remember at what time in your life they appeared, but at the time we thought you were just looking for someone else to boss around!

Nay said...

Love the names you came up with as a child for your imaginary friends!! They are very original! I don't remember ever having an actual imaginary friend, but I did used to 'role play' with many different characters!