Friday, April 25, 2008

some pics

What a poser!!!

Finally, a quiet corner just for me!

Isn't this a cool shot?

I love the look of joy on Sakura's

Emi hates to lose...


Mom said...

I love the look on Emi's face - what a competitor! and the look of sheer joy that Sakura is enjoying. Where did you get the field of yellow for Misaki's backdrop? Amazing. and look at little Natsuki - isn't it interesting how everyone likes to make a little hidey-hole to cuddle up into. Thanks for the pictures,
love Mom

Mom said...

check out Natsuki's little toes peeking out from underneath the book - so cute!

Hannah said...

I wonder why the baby of the family never has any pants on. Xander's laundry pile is always, like, a third of Felicity's. Even Joel used to take his pants off and run around outside. Thankfully that stage is over.

Christelle said...

Beautiful girls!! Great photos!

Astrid said...

You have the most beautiful girls! And the girls have a great photographer-mum :)

Picture number 3 is what my photography teacher likes to refer to as "a photo with the right amount of blurriness" and I find super difficult to get. And it is super cool when it's like your picture.

Thanks for sharing your story with me by the way :) It is just like a novel, you're absolutely right. I answered your comment on my blog as well though :)