Saturday, August 09, 2008

family pictures!

We did it! We took family pictures (twice, actually) and they turned out so awesome. Katie, our photographer, did a great job. She was so patient, especially since Natsuki tried to boycott the photoshoot alltogether. Oh, she is so being a 2-year-old right now. But Katie is such a professional that when we had our viewing it looked like Natsuki was a perfect angel in all of the pictures. I was very impressed.

So please enjoy the slideshow that Katie put together for us.


Lily said...

The pics are AMAZING!

Lulu said...

Beautiful pictures! Katie did a great job and really managed to capture the love that your girls have for each other as siblings which was so lovely!!!

Lovely family shots- I especially love the black and white ones! I love black and white- so classic!

These will make fantastic memories for you also- the question is which is your favourite?

Abigail said...

So cute! I love all the grass and bare feet - natsukashii!

cara said...

oh they are just beautiful - how do you choose favorites? and i love the soundtrack she chose. i watched it through again just to sing the song with Ayva, who hummed. and not one picture of any of the girls doing the peace sign!

Ethan & Alisa said...

Hi! My name is Alisa, and i stumbled across your blog, and i hope you dont mind me commenting...
What a Beautiful Family! Love the Slideshow with Music!
Makes me want to have more chilren! ;) haha

Dawn Carrick said...

Your pictures are AMAZING!!!
It was so good to see you all while you were here!

Maria said...

Oh Sarah! Those pictures are awesome. I love the ones with the girls and their lollipops. They each have such a uniue expression. Sakura looks as though she is in pure heaven. Also, I can't believe Misaki hasn't lost that tooth yet. Ethan's front tooth is really loose and looks just like hers. hehehe!

Andrea said...

Sarah, those are beautiful! You're family is stunning! Seeing all 4 of your girls together makes me want another couple of kids... seriously! Absolutely amazing pictures! I'm so glad you had them taken while you were here.

Astrid said...

Beautiful family pictures!!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog by coincidence.
I can't resist commenting your pictures: Your daughters are so beautiful!!!
Your pictures remind me somehow of my own childhood. I'm also mixed, half Japanese, half Swiss.
The difference is that I grew up in Europe and not in Japan. I often wonder how my life would have been in Japan.

I'm looking forward to more pictures! ^^

Ja ne!