Friday, August 22, 2008

it took awhile...

...but I finally caught up with all of the blogs I read on bloglines. It was daunting. So many of my friends have been busy with fun summer activities and they actually wrote about it and that made me want to read every single word that was written. So I did. I read every single word and I am now inspired to be more creative and fun. I love the Internet!

FYI: My new favorite blog is Design Mom. I don't know how she has the time to do what she does.

Also, my husband organized all of the pictures taken during our trip (1300!) and I found a few cute ones.

Natsuki playing with Maggie

Natsuki wearing my backpack

Emi, Misaki & Sakura trying to suck jello through a straw

Natsuki trying to put up with a hug from Sakura

That's all for now!


thefukases said...

Wow, what an amazing holiday and how great that your husband was able to share it with you. Your girls always look like they're having such fun together!

Hope you're settling in back home without too many tears (my two always want granny for a couple of weeks after we get home.) :(

PS. I found you through Midori's blog

Anonymous said...

Your girls are just so photogenic! I especially love the one of Natsuki with Maggie the dog...that's priceless :) Katie M

mom said...

one thing I love about your vacation is that you found joy in the simple things. It didn't take a Disney world or Hawaii to impress your girls - just a bowl of jello or a bag of corn on the cob!

mom again said...

PS Maggie is miserable without the girls.  I can no longer measure up to her very high standards of fun and entertainment.  Get back over here, wouldja!

Lily said...

Welcome back! The pics are cute- how much more adorable can your 4 little girls get!!!
I love your moms comments- I think we are on similar pages in parenting.