Friday, September 26, 2008

preschool Emi

This is 5-year-old Emi on her first day of swim class at her preschool. She's the one on the far left squinting up at the sky. I didn't actually take this picture, the school always hires a professional photographer for school events so I purchase this one from them.
Chikara and I love this picture of her. She's so little and proper (both hands clasped in front of her) but she's also curious about everything around her. I have to say that except for her size, not much has changed!


thefukases said...

I love that picture. ALl the look like they're doing their own thing and Emi is so sweet staring straight up!

I can't believe you have a professional photographer! One thing I like better about Aussie schools is the yearly pictures. oh well

Mom said...

this picture looks like a set up to demonstrate what an optomist looks like - everyone else is looking down, and she's alookin' up (albeit a bit squinty-eyed!!!). I love that baby girl...