Tuesday, February 03, 2009

that's also true

Yesterday Natsuki brought this DVD cover to me. I think she was trying to help clean up.

The Incredibles (or Mr. Incredible, as it's known in Japan) is easily our family's favorite movie. I pointed to Dash and asked...

Me: Who's this?

Natsuki: Dash.

Impressive since I didn't know she knew the names of any of the characters.

Me: Who's this? (pointing to Mr. Incredible)

Natsuki: Bob!

It took us a second to remember that Mr. Incredible's undercover name is Bob Parr. She was unexpectedly right! We are really enjoying the fact that she is talking more.


Gina said...

She is VERY very smart and totally right, Mr. Incredible was Bob, lol, even I didn't remember that! Yay, Natsuki-chan! : )

Sara said...

wow she's so smart!!!

young minds are incredible :D

Mom said...

That kid is scary smart. Start saying your prayers. but what would I know about having smart kids?.....
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

where the heck did you go sarah? you've left us.