Tuesday, June 02, 2009

recent pics

April 2009

Emi's 8th Birthday

Misaki's 7th Birthday

Sakura's Preschool Entrance Ceremony

Natsuki being cute at home!


Gina said...

Good morning Sarah, it's nice to see an update on you and the girls!!! I enjoyed all the updated pics so much! Looks like 2 very cool birthdays! 7 and 8 years old already, wow does time fly! Happy belated birthday to Emi and Misaki from me and the boys over here!!!! And congratulations to Sakura for starting yochien!!!! : )

PS, wow did Emi's hair get long! All of the girls are still just as gorgeous as ever! : )

thefukases said...

Great to see a catch up from you. Your girls all look so big! Does this mean you just have Natsuki home during the days? It must seem so quiet!

Mom said...

The look on Sakura's face says it all, doesn't it? What a thrill to see the pic's of the Settsu City Sweethearts!

Sara said...

Its nice to see a post from you!! The girls are looking so adorable!!

Happy birthdays to both Emi and Misaki and congrats to Sakura for starting kindy!!

Dad said...

It is great to see the girls. Any ideas, pictures or news from you and yours is very much appreciated.
But no pictures of when I and the five boys visited?