Thursday, September 03, 2009


I had to get Sakura new inside shoes (uwagutsu) for when she went back to school on Tuesday and over the summer (only six weeks) she grew from a size 17cm to a size 18.5cm! That's three whole sizes. And Misaki's only in a size 19cm


Also, her mizuibo (some kind of wart) suddenly cleared up last week so her teacher let her go in the pool for the last day.

She's becoming such a big girl except that...

She wouldn't dance at the festival at her preschool. She totally freaked out and we ended up going home and putting her right to bed. I did talk with her about what it means to be a "big girl" and that in order to get the fun of being a big girl (going outside, allowance, etc.) that you need to take responsibility and sometimes do stuff you don't want to do (say hello to neighborhood people, DANCE AT THE FESTIVAL). We'll see if she understood.

5 can be a trying age.

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Mom said...

I loved seeing her with her classmates, and I'm sure once she gets back in school and gets her own life back that is separate from the other girls, she will be a happier, and tired-er, girlie. I feel that way myself going back to school this year, and I'm a happier and tired-er girl myself....