Monday, October 04, 2010

Sakura & Natsuki's room

Two years ago I posted about my ideas for redecorating Sakura and Natsuki's room. Earlier last year I took the wallpaper off, fixed the dents and holes and painted the walls. I chose a soft yellow to go with all of the things I bought at Ikea. When my mom came to visit last June we made curtains together and chose the last details to go in the room. Just like when we put together Emi and Misaki's room, we took the girls to a friend's house and while they were gone we put everything together. Sakura and Natsuki were so excited when they came home. They love every part of the room and they've spent a lot of time playing up there. But I realized that I never posted pictures of the finished product. Enjoy!

For the window behind the bed I covered a large piece of styrofoam with the same material as the curtains for the other window. Our bedrooms are on the third floor and I had a vision of the girls fooling around near an open window, falling through the screen and sliding down in the 2 ft space between our house and our neighbor's house. It freaked me out so I did this in both of the rooms!

They love to organize their princess shoes like this!

The boxes hold all of their toys. The bottom two are full of dolls!

I think I've only bought two stuffed animals since Emi was born but as you can see there are enough to fill a whole basket! Where do they come from?

These wall lamps are so adorable.

It's hard to get a good picture of the whole room but I think you can get an idea of what the room looks like. Last week I finally put up the rack for their bags but for some reason I've been hesitant to put up the rest of the things I bought to go on the walls. Maybe because I worked to hard to fix the walls, I don't to "wreck" them again. But mostly I'm not sure I still like what I bought. I was able to get the froggy prince wall pocket which I like but the only place to put it is beside Sakura & Natsuki's bed and I know they won't be able to resist touching it when they're supposed to go to sleep so I'll wait on that.

I can't decide what to put above the shelves that hold the toys.

This wall is especially bare. I have a signed poster from the author of a book we love (Suki's Kimono) to frame for the other wall so I was thinking of doing a poster from another book for this wall but I can't find anything that would suit the room. Any ideas? I can buy through Amazon or so there is a pretty wide selection but I've lost steam for this room! Any help would be appreciated.


Gina said...

I think Sakura's and Natsuki's room came out beautiful Sarah. And I remember last year when you mentioned you and your mom made curtains. The curtains are gorgeous. I bet the girls love their room.

PS, I also have bare walls (well except my genkan area). I will eventually put things on the walls of course. But for me, I know the marks and holes putting things on walls can make. And, sure I could throw something on my wall, I really don't love. Then be stuck with a lasting hole. So, I will wait (with plain walls) and one day when I go to the mainland and check out Pottery Barn or some other shop and I'm sure something wil hit me and I'll lug it back to Japan with me. Until's plain walls for me. ; ) And I'm fine with it. ; ) So, I hear you on the bare walls thing. We're thinking along the same lines with that. : )

Mom said...

Is there any cute Pippi Longstocking posters? or Little House in the Big Woods? or Anne of Green Gables? or American Girl? Daddy thought African animals might look nice up there (after all, he has seen 4 of the big 5....)
Speaking of Daddy, I'm sure he was proud of you for NOT putting up pictures on the wall so they would not get wrecked. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree!

H.Cook said...

Hey! I found your blog by googling "Japanese mommy blogs". Your family reminds me of mine (I was one of 5 girls) and we lived in both Japan and the USA. I hope you update again!