Wednesday, October 25, 2006

in the middle of the night

I am happy to report that Natsuki has been sleeping 8 hours through the night since Saturday night. You would think that this would mean that I too would be getting 8 hours of sleep but this is not the case. I'm not sure why but every night since Saturday one of my other children has woken up at some God-forsaken hour and needed my attention. For the last few months the older three girls have been sleeping like angels through the night. No potty breaks, no bad dreams, no falling off the bed, nothing out of the ordinary. It was nice, but it didn't matter since I was waking up anyways to nurse Natsuki. But now that Natsuki is sleeping through, they neeeeeeeeeeed me again? Hopefully it will end soon because I dearly need my sleep.

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Hannah said...

Now that it's technically THURSDAY where you live, I thought I would say "happy birthday"!! Way to be 32 and still look like you're 15. lucky girl! I hope the Mexican restaurant was all you'd hoped it would be, and I will call you tonight and wish you a proper happy birthday, complete with song from Felicity. Or David, depending on who's awake.