Thursday, October 26, 2006

why mess with perfection

When Chikara and I first got married, we went down to the Futon Factory off of Belmont in Portland and bought a futon bed. I wanted my husband to feel comfortable sleeping on a futon and I really liked their pine bed frames. I wasn't really sure about sleeping on a futon myself but the futon mattress was about 4 inches thick and it turn out to be very comfortable. Another nice feature was that one person's moving around didn't bother the other one. It was perfect!

On our first anniversary we stayed at The Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC. We upgraded to a room with two Queen-sized beds for a larger room (we learned that trick on our honeymoon). My husband was sick and couldn't get comfortable so he moved around all night long. I ended up sleeping on the other bed just to get some sleep.


When we moved to Japan we didn't bring our fabulous futon bed with us because we didn't know how to get it over here and also weren't sure if we would have room for it. It was probably a good thing at the time but now we really miss that bed. We sleep on a futon now on the floor (like the majority of Japanese people) and I was OK with it until recently and now it is starting to drive me up the wall. I want my old bed back (imagine this comment in a whiny tone)!

I think when we go back at Christmas I am going to go down to the Futon Factory (I hope it's still there) and look into buying that bed and having it shipped to Japan. It will probably cost a fortune in shipping but I know I would have to try really hard to find a bed that we would like more. Why mess with perfection?!

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