Wednesday, November 08, 2006

cute stuff - part 1

Sakura (as I'm getting lunch ready)

Me: Are you my pretty little girl?
Sakura: No, I'm hungry!

Misaki (talking to Grammy on the phone)

Me: Tell Grammy you have the mumps.
Misaki: Grammy, I have the mumbles!

Emi (helping me decide what to have for lunch)

Emi: I want wiggle bread.
Me: Wiggle bread? What's wiggle bread?
Emi: You know, the round bread you buy at Costco.
Me: Oh, you mean bagels.
Emi: Yeah, bagels!

I called this post "cute stuff - part 1" because I'm sure there will be more!

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Hannah said...

Felicity (as I'm teaching her to pronounce her cousin's name)
Me: Nat-SU-ki
Felicity: that cookie?