Tuesday, February 06, 2007

in other news

This week I organized my photographs on PhotoShow Express. Maria makes the coolest photo shows for the kids birthdays or other events and I'm so envious of her cool program so I downloaded a demo version to try it out. Keep an eye out for a photoshow from me.

Because I was trying out this program I took some pictures of the girls around the house so I could see how to download pictures, etc. They turned out so cute so I thought I would share.

I cut Sakura's hair this week. This is after her bath.

This is what Sakura and Natsuki do all day.

They gaze fondly into each other's eyes. Yeah, not so much.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
Your girls are always beautiful! I'm so glad to be keeping up on what you all are doing since leaving here. However i'm not so sure what photoshow express is? Either way your pictures are gorgeous and that's awesome for emi to be riding her bike. Perhaps if you go in to give her a good night hug rite before she falls asleep and slip your hand under her pillow? That may work but i'm not a mum so i don't really know :)
Love Kim

cara said...

i think ayva and natsuki would be friends. they look similar in their chubbiness and hairiness. :)

looking forward to seeing more pictures!

Sarah said...

Every time I look at pictures of Ayva I have thought the exact same thing.

Anonymous said...

Have you moved the furniture? I can't believe these awesome pictures. Can I save them off this page? I'm so glad you are able to capture the everyday moments - those are the ones I really miss.
Love Mom

Sarah said...

Yes I moved around the furniture and I really like it. Now I have to find a good corner TV stand. Sigh! So much to do so little time!