Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Emi reach two big milestones this week and while I'm excited for her, it's freaking me out a little bit. I guess this is what your first child does to you.

Last Monday or Tuesday when Emi came home from school she told me that her tooth was loose. She's been saying this for months ever since she noticed some of her friends at school has lost their teeth so I didn't really respond right away. But she kept saying it so I thought I would try to wiggle her tooth and prove to her that it wasn't loose at all. Unfortunately, I was wrong (yes, it happens)! Her tooth really is loose. Now that I have confirmed that it is indeed loose she feels that she has license to complain about how much it hurts and show it off to everyone we know.

I've been telling her about the tooth fairy so she's all excited about getting money for her tooth but it occurred to me that I'm the tooth fairy and there is so much I don't know about what I'm supposed to do. What is the going rate for a tooth? What do I do with the tooth after I take it? What if she wakes up and sees me? These are the questions I have.

Also this week Emi learned how to ride her bicycle without the training wheels. Many of her friends have already been able to do this for awhile so I asked Chikara to take the training wheels off her bike and spend some time practicing with her. So on Tuesday after she came back from school, Chikara took her out and they practiced together for an hour or so. Emi loves a challenge so after that she's practiced every day. On Saturday she was outside for four or five hours. Her powers of concentration are amazing. On Sunday when we got back from church she showed us her progress and...

...she can ride her bike! Can you see the smile on her face? She's so excited that she's able to do this and so are we. Chikara is especially proud since he was the one to teach her.

So this week Emi grew up right in front of my eyes. It's one of those happy and sad moments.

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