Thursday, March 29, 2007

golden week

Last week Chikara and I sat down with our calendars and planners and set out a plan for the next year and a bit. I always feel antsy if I don't know when I'm going back to Canada to see my parents. Like if I don't decided right away, I might not get to go! It's silly, I know...

But in planning out the next year we also made our very first Golden Week vacation plans. This is the sixth Golden Week vacation since we moved to Japan but we were always having babies or Chikara didn't have enough days off (once only 2 days off - stupid company). After last year's Golden Week, where we all sat on our butts the whole week, I decided that we need to do something more interesting. Because my husband's job deals with the car auctions in Japan he gets 3 whole weeks off every year and Golden Week is one of them. Woo-hoo!

I hadn't really thought out what we would do, the plan really fell into our laps. We had been planning to go to Tokyo and visit our friends (and Disneyland) in August for Oubonyasumi (sp?) but their second baby is due then (congratulations Kenji & Sachiko!) so we have decided to go and visit them for Golden Week instead. I don't know exactly where they live but they are two train stations over from Disneyland if anybody knows about that area. I don't think we'll go to Disneyland this time because Natsuki's too small and I can imagine that we wouldn't get to do too much because of her needs and wants so I guess we'll have to plan another trip next year sometime.

I'm proud of us for making plans to take a vacation that doesn't involve family. We always go to either Canada/US or Miyazaki (Kyushu) where my father-in-law's family live. Although while we were talking about it we did decide that we'll go back home in August 2008 and take the girls camping. Natsuki will be 2 then so I think the timing will be good. Plus I am looking forward to escaping the stinking hot Japanese summer!


We will be driving to Tokyo. With a family of six and four carseats there is no way we can get around Tokyo without renting a car. Plus I am planning on going to Ikea and I want to bring some stuff back with me!

Also I forgot to write about what Golden Week is. During the first week of May there are three national holidays so many people take this opportunity to take a vacation. Japanese companies don't give many days off in a row. I think the maximum my husband ever had was 4 days in a row and that was a miracle because of the way the holidays worked out but then they made him work the following Sunday to "make up for it". But the company he works for now has 3 whole weeks off every year - New Years, Golden Week and another week in August - so I KNOW that this is the best company in Japan. The owner is from New Zealand so that's probably why...


Gina said...

You're coming to Chiba? Wow, 2 stops from Disneyland. You'll be very short train rides close to Ikea, Costco, Carrefour, and stuff. I'm actually going to be going to Osaka for a family thing in a few month's. My FIL is turning 60 this year and so it's his "return to a baby" year. Where he has to wear a red outfit and all that sorta stuff. Can you just imagine all the fun and excitement, I will be experiencing at my in-laws home? Wink, wink! : )

We're actually in the the works of planning when we will head to Disneyland ourselves. We go every year for each of the kids birthdays. And then we go before the rainy season hits. Last year we went for Golden week. This year we wanna go before Golden week though. And with the weather heating up, we might be going over this break. We're not sure yet though.

I'm glad you are in the works of planning a trip home. Since it isn't going to be for a while longer still. If you need something when I head back next time, let me know what it is and I'll bring it back for you.

Gina said...

PS, there is a mall called Ikspiari across the street from Disneyland.It's not very interesting especialy since you'll be coming from Osaka (you guys have everything in Osaka ha ha ha: ). They have nothing different any other mall in Japan has really, just Gap and Lush and the Body shop and stuff, but just in case, I just wanted to let ya know : )

Also any child under the age of 5 gets into Disneyland or DisneySea for free. : )

PS, Have you ever been to the shobuen at shirokita park in Osaka? It's a nice botanical garden. My in-laws live right near there in Osaka. : )

Lily said...

Are you flying or taking the train? I am sure your girls will be so thrilled. Your camping trip sounds so fantastic too. Isn't it fun to plan vacations!

Anonymous said...

Golden week sounds great. The whole part about the 6 people and 4 car seats sounds a little overwhelming! But you seem to be doing a great job, and you also fit a blog into your busy schedgule! You'll have alot of fun, who doesn't love IKEA! Hey did you ever get your futon while you were home?
Love Kim