Saturday, March 31, 2007

music meme

I got tagged to do another meme about music (I still don't know what meme means - does anybody know?) and I'm really excited (probably overly excited) because now I really feel like part of the blogging world. Thanks, Cara!

This one is about favorite songs and this is going to be tough because we listened to so much music growing up. My parents are musicians and we listened to classical, Christian, jazz, big band, 60/70's rock and gospel. I remember we were allowed to listen to Lucretia MacEvil by Blood, Sweat and Tears and they said *damn*. I guess swear words were OK if they were set to really good music!

Once, when I was in high school, a friend of my brothers who came over for dinner told him that it was weird that our family sat around the dinner table and talked about music. I don't really remember but I guess that day we were listening to a new CD and one of us commented on the French horns and it just went on from there. It never felt weird to us because my parents were always engaging us in a wide assortment of educational conversations.

Then I met my husband, Chikara, who plays guitar and he would always comment on cool guitar licks in the music we would be listening to. I had never really paid attention to the guitar in music but now it's the first thing I hear. Now we spend time listening to music together as a family and teaching our kids about what they are hearing. I noticed that this was really working when I started playing classical music to "calm them down". This totally backfired on me because they have become really sensitive to the moods that the music creates.

I have tried to choose only five songs from all the music I've ever listened to and it was hard to choose because there is a lot of music that I like but here goes...

If you were only allowed five songs, what would they be? Take five that you would happily hold onto if all the rest of your music was demanded from you.

1. "It Had To Be You" by Harry Connick Jr. from the soundtrack for "When Harry Met Sally". Actually I love the whole soundtrack and I like to put it one while I clean the house because most of it really upbeat. Also I wasn't allowed to watch this movie because it talked alot about s-e-x (shhhhh!) but when I watched it as an adult I thought it was pretty tame and I was totally blown away by the soundtrack. I love Harry Connick Jr. He has a CD that's all love songs (Only You) which I highly recommend.

2. "Home" by Michael Buble. I love this song because when I listen to it makes me a little homesick and I take a moment to think about all the reasons I like my home and my family. Anything by Michael Buble is fabulous!

3. "From The New World" by Dvorak. This piece of classical music is so beautiful. I wanted to incorporate it in the music for my wedding but I just couldn't make it work. If you're looking to buy some classical music but aren't sure where to start, this is a good place. PS. The clip is only the first part of the song and it's set to some relaxation crystals - kind of weird - sorry!

4. "How Great Is Our God" by Chris Tomlin. I have listened to this song a million times and I still love it. This is the CD I play to calm my girls down.

5. "If I Had A Million Dollars" by The Bare Naked Ladies. I like songs that make me laugh! I find that musicians take music too seriously sometimes (myself included) and it's good to remember that music is for fun, too! PS. The clip is weird but the song is great - maybe close your eyes and listen!

Wow, that was difficult but really fun, too. My kids also have favorite songs including the "Theme Song" from VeggieTales, "It's A Hard Knock Life" from the soundtrack to Annie, "You Can Be Anything That You Wanna Be" from Blue's Big Musical Movie and an assortment of Japanese kid's songs for which I have no idea what the titles are.

I'm not brave enough to tag anyone but it would great if you would comment on what your favorite song is.


Hannah said...

The Lark Ascending by Ralph Vaughan Williams - reminds me of my father

Fire and Rain by James Taylor - reminds me of my mother

Home by Switchfoot - this song reminds me of going to Bible college, which for all of its' drama was a really fun time, and because my friend Mandie introduced me to Switchfoot and a lot of other great Christian alternative music I never knew existed.

Lucretia MacEvil by Blood, Sweat, and Tears - because it's a great arrangement, but mostly because it's such a naughty song and when I hear it, I can't believe our parents let us listen to this when we were little.

My Heart Your Home by Watermark - walking with the Lord is difficult sometimes, but this song makes it simple. Come and make my heart Your home, come and be everything I am and all I know. Whenever I hear these words, especially sung by Christy Nockles, the world stops for a moment and it's just me and Him.

I also have to give honourable mention to the song Home by the Dixie Chicks, because it reminds me of what my life could be if I let my pride come between me and my husband. Talk about a wake-up call.

Hannah said...

And no, I don't know what a meme is. Sorry!

cara said...

ok people, this is what google is for:

...explains what a meme is.

hannah - i love watermark's version of that song too! that's the only album i have of theirs. do you recommend any of their other albums?
sarah - great song choices. love chris tomlin. his latest album is played daily in our house, especially the song Everlasting God. and he has a really great version of Amazing Grace too.
and you asked about henri's choices? i'll ask him when he gets up later...he likes old fogie music and nothing very loud.

Tigermama said...

I LOVE "How Great Is Our God" too. And the Bare Naked Ladies are awesome. When I was in college in Calgary they (BNL) were performing at our little pub and I remember my friend and I saying, "What a weird name for a group" and NOT going! Now I have all of their cd`s.