Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Yes, we are going to be learning some Japanese in the next few months. Haruyasumi is Spring Break and we are into spring break full-time from tomorrow. Emi had her sotsuenshiki (graduation) on Thursday and I really wish I had some good pictures to show but the gymnasium was so crowded and we were sitting on little tiny chairs so . . . nothing. Sorry.

So Emi's been home since Friday and I can tell this spring break, although it is only three weeks long, is going to seem really, really long.

Really, really, really long.

I'm not really sure what we're going to do all day. I have a baby so we can't be going out all the time so I've planned a couple of fun things for each week but I still have to do housework, grocery shopping, laundry, etc. and Emi is totally not getting this. From tomorrow Misaki will be home too and Sakura is already feeling that her rights are being infringed upon by Emi being home so I can only imagine the chaos that will be my day tomorrow. It'll be like Saturday, every single day!

Does anyone have any advice for me? The older two can play outside if the weather is nice but I'm not sure what to do when it rains.

I have no idea how my mother handled all four of us for three long months each summer. Mom, you're amazing!


Anonymous said...

Well...let's see...you could play dropping clothespins into the milkbottle if you had the clothespins and the milkbottle...?? You could do skipping with them...or hopscotch....os jacks???...or 7 up with the ball against the wall???....or marbles....or baseball...or catch...or drawing and painting with paintbox paints....well you can guess my age huh!!! Love Nana

Anonymous said...

What you used to do on breaks is play in your rooms. All your own personal toys and books were in your bedrooms, so you could go and play privately (although you were usually sharing a bedroom, but you get my drift)or you could invite a sibling in to play with you. Also, you all used to play Lego together until you were in your teens, and occasionally, twenties. We didn't have a TV until you were 12, and there were no videos until then anyway, so you had to make your own fun. You would make forts, listen to music, play with playdough, and torture Joel...
love Mom

Trisha said...

Hmm, gosh, that is a toughie. I am going to have both kids at home with me for about a weeka nd a half and I, too, am wracking my brain. Sophie isn't walking yet, so the park isn't much fun for her, but Bailey loves to be outside. I will get back to you if I think of something.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah it's Kim
I'm trying to think of what i do when i'm bored and have spare time. I think i watch tv or videos. They can play with play dough or do crafts. Go outside and read or play. Go to a park if it's near by. Visit other children and set up play dates. Go for picnics. It sounds like you'll be juggling alot but i'm sure everyone will understand if there's not as much attention payed to a very clean house. You could try and make up a game that if they clean up after themselves they'll get a special treat or when they get back in school they can have a special day with you. All i can think of is on rainy days set up a station with drawing and playdough and leggo things like that and put a video or music on in the background. Sorry i can't be more help!

coarse gold girl said...

Because I am facing the same dilemma. . . lets see. . . hula hoops are great for indoor fun (they can hula, swing jump through them if they are small enough, they can lay them on the floor and jump over them, they can jump into them and they can run around them. . . they can roll them if there is room somewhere (ha ha ha, as if) You can use them for playing magical games (when you go through the hula hoop you become a . . . "tiger", etc.)
Play dough is a great thing. As is blowing bubbles in the ofuro.
As is drawing, oragami, painting (finger and with brushes). Play dough can be stretched out by making it yourself with the girls. And cooking in general is a great activity. Mine love rinsing, peeling, chopping vegetables and fight over who gets to spin the salad spinner!
Board games (but with young kids on board you have to play with them)
card games (same limitation as above)
puppets--you can make some easy ones from old socks and buttons.
just walking outdoors--running errands together, walking around the block, whatever.
Did I mention just letting them play naked in the ofuro with all their water toys? I do that when I feel desperate. No full tub, just they can fill up buckets of water etc. and play.
And very guilty mother writing this: videos and the DSlite games.
But I'm trying to limit those things.
music and dancing is always a big hit. give them instruments and let them arrange a "performance" for you.
My problem is: I don't wanna play!

Hannah said...

You could give them all so much Tylenol that all they have the energy to do is sit perfectly still and watch the same DVD over and over again. Just a thought.