Friday, March 16, 2007

a few comments

My MIL went shopping with Emi to get the ceremony dress and wouldn't you know it she got a different one. Classic. I'm not really sure what to do about it. Generally we don't return stuff in Japan and my MIL will be at the ceremony so she'll know if I got a different one (although she's not that observant so I probably could get away with it). I don't really like the dress she chose although it might not be her fault because Emi said she couldn't find the one we looked at before. I knew I should've gone shopping with them...

But I would like to say thanks to those who commented and gave advice regarding this issue. I know that sometimes I'm too practical and I have a hard time giving control to people who like things fancy. I'm working on that. Last year when I went home to Canada, my sister took me shopping for make-up. She knows me really well but I was nervous about what I would end up with. I'm glad I let her choose because I get comments on my make-up all the time. Thanks, Hannah!

I also really enjoyed reading the results of the personality test that some of you posted or e-mailed. I find those types of tests to be fascinating and I enjoyed getting to know more about you.

Kim, you were wondering about the sakura blossoms. I don't think they grow actual cherries, they're just ornamental. But they are so beautiful. It's kind of like when it snows and everything is white and beautiful. Suddenly everywhere you look there are these delicate pink or white blossoms. When we drive in the car the girls yell out "SAKURA, SAKURA!!" whenever they see them. Here are some links to see what I'm talking about (you'll have to scroll down a bit).

Sakura trees during the day
Sakura trees at dusk

Lastly, I wanted to comment about how much I appreciate those of you who read this blog and comment. I originally started this blog as an outlet for me and to use my English more but I've been surprised by the new friends I've made through sharing about my life and reading yours. Thank you for making this such a fun experience.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh i had it all wrong. Either way those trees are amazing, they are so beautiful! I'd love to go for a walk under them they look so fluffy and great. I just have to tell you how much i enjoy reading your blog. Every morning when i get to work i'm excited to come onto my favorites and click on your name to hear a new adventure that's happening in your life. It's so nice to hear about what's going on. I know we are a close family in some areas but not the closest as everyone is so spread out around the world. I feel like this is how i get to hear from you and know what's going on with your family like you are living close to us! Anyways keep up the blog! And what is the walking diaries about?
Love Kim, your favorite cousin!

Hannah said...

Hey you! Thank you for be willing to trust me with your face:) I can't wait to see the pictures of Emi and the much-talked-about dress. You will have to post some, along with pictures of you in your matching ensemble. YIKES!!

I, too, enjoy your blog so much, as does Felicity. We check every day to see what her "tousins" are up to, and it's nice to see your life is more normal than I pictured it. Does that make sense? Anyway, yo've inspired me to start blogging about our life in the North once we get there. At least it'll give me something to do!

Anonymous said...

I just leave your blog up on the screen all day - I feel closer to you. Actually, in print this sounds kind of pathetic...
love Mom

Anonymous said...

...or even a little creepy

Lily said...

I can't wait to see pics of your daughter in her ceremony dress. I am sure she will look adorable even if its not the one you chose- although frusterating I can imagine (gotta love MIL's- they always test our sense of control eh!).
DH said the sakura should be out in the next few days for us. I can't wait! Happy Hanami watching when they do arrive.
Sorry, I read your Moms comment and I just smiled. That was so sweet so tell her it doesn't sound creepy- she sounds like a loving mother who misses her daughter who lives far away.