Tuesday, May 15, 2007

another meme

I got tagged to do a meme by Abigail. I have to say that when I read her post, I knew my answer right away.

"What do we wish we had been more serious about in life?"

I wish I had been more serious about my/our finances. There is so much awesome information available (for free) on how to manage your money and make it grow and I wish I had tapped into that a little earlier in life. We haven't had any serious money issues but for how seriously we've taken our jobs, there should be more money floating around somewhere. Like in my pocket!

We're just now feeling more confident about our financial decisions but we also have more expenses than we've ever had before (yes, kids suck up your money in unexpected ways). As always, I am working towards finding the right balance between saving for the future and enjoying ourselves now.

Again, I'm not brave enough to tag anyone but feel free to leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

I wish i had been a little more serious about school and school activities. I know myself well enough to know that i'm not a homework person and i can't pay alot of attention to something i'm not interested in, however i do wish i had put a little more effort into planning for what i wanted to do when i got out of school. As well i wish i had played more sports in school because i dont have enough confidence to do any of that now i feel too old and too embarassed and my lack of athleticism. I also wish that when i was younger i did public speaking because i am very scared now to get up infront of a group and speak. But if we could go back and do things again then it wouldn't be the same and my great experiences in high school may not have happened. I'm in your state rite now where i'm in the position to try and get my money going i just can't seem to get enough drive to do something about it, i'd rather have fun now for some reason.
Love Kim

Hannah said...

I wish I'd been more serious about my education, too. I wish I'd done better in high school so I could have had more options for college. Obviously I'm happy with my life and where I ended up, but being married to someone who did quite well in school makes me realize it wasn't actually as hard as I always thought it was. So basically, I have no excuses for screwing around. I think I could have saved myself a lot of grief if I'd done well earlier on.

We're also in the process of figuring out our finances. We're 28, and we know people older than us who do much worse with their money. We also know people much younger than us who have their retirement pretty much secured. We're very lucky with David's job in that he's got an amazing pension, but we want to be able to really enjoy our retirement, as well as buy a home when we move out of Dease Lake. So our new mantra is "short term pain for long term gain". I know when we buy our first home we'll be so happy we made the sacrifices we're making right now.