Saturday, May 12, 2007

me teasing Misaki - just a little bit!

Every night before we go to bed we pray together with the girls. In recent years, Emi & Misaki have prayed by themselves and this years Sakura has started being able to pray by herself too. When it comes to this point in our bedtime routine, we'll ask the girls who wants to pray. For the most part, they all want to pray but sometimes they don't and that's OK.

Last night, when we asked the girls who wanted to pray, both Misaki & Sakura said they didn't want to. Following is how the prayer time went.

Me: Go Emi.

Emi: (prays a sweet prayer)

Me: Go Misaki

Misaki: Dear Jesus, thank you for today... WAIT A MINUTE! I didn't want to pray!

Me: Oh, sorry, go Sakura.

Sakura: Dear Jesus (followed by a sweet little prayer in a little tiny voice that we could hardly hear!)

Me: Go Misaki

Misaki: Dear Jesus... NO, I said I didn't want to pray!

Everyone: (laughing)

We laughed so hard. I wasn't trying to make them pray, I just wanted to see what they would do if I prompted them anyways. If it had been Emi, for sure she would've said something right away, but Sakura just prayed anyways and Misaki started praying both times and then realized what had happened after the fact.

But one other thing that is different between Emi & Misaki is that if this had happened to Emi, she would've been mad that we had all laughed, but Misaki just laughed along with us. She's a sweetie-pie!

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Mom said...

That is such a Daddy thing to do! How I would love to be there again and hear those sweet little prayers...