Saturday, October 13, 2007

feeling a little fried

It's been a big week for owies in our house. Last week at Misaki's sports day I got sunburnt. Please see evidence below.

Fortunately it was just on my arms, right below my neck and my face (not my shoulders or back) but it's been such a long time since I've had a sunburn that I didn't realize it was happening and then after I couldn't remember how to take care of it. We had two sports days in a row and the weather was cloudy for Emi's sports day and we were all fine. The weather was supposed to be the same for the next day but it totally cleared up and there were no clouds in the sky at all. Plus where our assigned area was, our faces were pointing in the direction of the sun when we were watching Misaki's events. But seriously, through all of this, I wasn't even thinking about the possibility of a sunburn. It's October, for goodness' sake! I hadn't put on any sunblock or anything. About an hour before the lunch break, Chikara was suddenly wondering if I was OK and asking if I wanted to go to the shade. I had no idea what he was talking about and I kept saying I was fine. During the lunch break, we sat under a tent the school had provided. When I took Sakura to the bathroom, I saw myself in the mirror and I was red as a lobster. Crap! I stayed covered for the rest of the events and then we went home. Later that evening, I realized that it wasn't as bad as I had initially thought but it looks awful so I get a lot of stares wherever we go. As if being a foreigner with four cute kids wasn't enough. I'm in the peeling phase, now, much to Emi's delight so I'm sure it'll be all gone soon.

This last Thursday Emi's class had a field trip to the zoo in Kobe. When she got home, her face was all scratched up and she had a big goose egg on her forehead. It turns out that when her class were running together down a hill (why?), a kid behind her bumped her and she fell and smacked her face up.

She was not really thrilled that I took this picture. I got a call from her teacher about and he said that she had smacked her top tooth, too, so we should keep an eye on it. Fortunately it's still a baby tooth so we lucked out there.

Then yesterday I got a call from Misaki's teacher. At first I thought I had missed the bus but it turns out that when Misaki was playing outside after lunch she got smacked in the face by another boy's head (ouch!). The other kid wasn't looking where he was going and ran full force into her. By the time she got home, the area under her right eye was still swollen and this morning it's started turning purple.

It's kind of hard to see so I might take another picture tomorrow. I'm actually kind of glad that she got smacked up, too, because now she and Emi can be injured together. I just hope that no one thinks that we did it to them!

I do have some good news. Natsuki took her first steps yesterday. Yeah! Actually she did a lot of one-stepping followed by dramatic falling but once she figured out what we were trying to do (finally!) she took four steps in a row a couple of times. I think the best part is that she was really excited about her accomplishment and kept trying to walk. Eventually she got too excited and was falling down all over the place. But on the whole it was a "step in the right direction". Ha, ha! I crack myself up. I'll try to get her on video when Chikara's home to help me. In the meantime, here is a picture of her concentrating on putting a straw in a cup.

This kept her quiet for 20 minutes.

Fortunately tonight is the TV premiere of High School Musical 2 so Emi & Misaki have something to lift their spirits. We're going to go to my friend's house and watch it with them since they have cable and we do not. I know that if we had cable, I would sit around and watch television All. Day. Long. I have no self-control in this area, especially when I'm homesick. But tonight will be fun. I'm going to bring popcorn and pop and I'll probably spend the whole night explaining teenage angst and what it makes teenagers do to the girls the whole time. Fun!

I hope all of you have a great weekend.


Gina said...

Oh my gosh Sarah, you were *not* kidding, you are as red as a lobster, my dear! I feel your pain. Yeouch!!!! That hurts. I have been burnt twice since I have been with my DH. Days I forgot sunscreen, while we were swimming at places (I usually don't forget). And then I walked around in pain, had to sleep on my tummy because laying on my back hurt to darn much! Oh man, I recall that all too well. Lucky you are at the peeling stage now though.

Enjoy your night at your friends house watching cable, your night sounds fun. I have satellite and I would be really lost without watching all my favorite American TV shows everyday. So, I hear ya! : )

And sorry the girls all got hurt this week. That's a bummer. Have a good weekend : )

Gina said...

whoops spelling typo...

meant too, not to.

best intentions, but I type so fast and no wonder I end up with spelling typos, sorry : )

Karli said...

Your girls are all so beautiful, Sarah! I love this post! You guys take care and hope you're all on the mend soon. -Karli

Mom said...

Usually all those types of owies that you described happen over here in May or June, when the weather finally turns warm and people are outside again for the first time. But because your climate is so different in Japan, it's too hot to be out in the summer, so you get your owies in the autumn - delayed disasters. Emi, your face will heal up so fast you won't believe it! Tell mommy we want to see a "before and after" picture show.
Misaki, you look like you were in a fight that you lost! it will heal up so soon. That boy must of had a hard head, eh?
sissie, have a ball with HS Musical. It's weird what a success that show has been. We enjoyed it too - kind of a guilty pleasure, because it is so corny. Speaking of corny, have you seen hairspray yet? you'll love it.
Love Mom

Annagrace said...

Hi Sarah--found your blog through a mutual friend and it's so fun to see your sweet girls and hear about life in Japan. I still remember cutting your huge wedding cake and Alex Hernandez saving the day with his chef knife fun!