Friday, October 05, 2007

rokko island

One of our favorite places to go is Rokko Island in Kobe. Everytime we go I'm reminded that it is, in fact, a utopia for expat families with small children. The center of the man-made island is surrounded by buildings and partitioned off from the streets so you don't need to worry about your children getting hit by idiot drivers. There is a Subway Sandwiches AND a Wendy's besides the requisite McDonald's, Starbucks and convenience stores within 5 minutes walking distance from each other (translation: heaven). But the greatest thing about it is the waterways that the kids can play in because the water is only a few inches deep and there are waterfalls and bridges and jets and the kids never get bored even after hours and hours have passed. It's awesome!

Because there was a national holiday, we decided to take our friends with us and introduce them to our secret utopia (seriously, there's hardly ever anyone there). They have two children ages 4 and 2 so I knew it would be perfect for them.

It was also going to be the first time for Natsuki to go into the water. On our summer vacation, she enjoyed the ocean for all of 5 minutes before she started crying so it was hard to say what she would think about this. Chikara sat with her and she just stood at first...
... and then she tried touching the water but if you look at her left hand, it's clutching Chikara's shirt very tightly...
... after about 20 minutes then she relaxed and played on her own while Daddy kept an eye on her.


coarse gold girl said...

You have such a beautiful family! I am always so amazed at the unique beauty of each of your girls and the happiness that just radiates out of the photos!

We used to LOVE rokko island too! That is the BEST place for families with young kids during the hot sticky unbearable months of summer weather in Osaka/Kobe.

Not to mention FBC is right there! AND Tulley's as well as Starbucks.

Okay. NOW, I finally found something to miss about the Kansai area!

Laura in Akita

Hannah said...

That looks like so much fun, especially since we woke up to snow this morning. I can't believe how gorgeous your girls are! Not that it's unbelievable that they would be gorgeous, they're just growing so fast. And Natsuki it absolutely adorable.

Hannah said...

And by the way? I would KILL for a Starbucks/McDonald's/KFC right now. Felicity asked me yesterday where we were going. When I told her we weren't going anywhere, she helpfully suggested "um, how about we go to Starbucks?"

Astrid said...

Rokko island sounds like a treat for the whole family in which everyone gets to relax :)

You have a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

it looks like so much fun. We've just gotten to the point in the weather where you can see your breath! Just thought i'd say Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!
Love Kim

mom said...

so I'm seeing pictures of Chikara, Emi, Misaki, Sakura, Natsuki.... hm, aren't we missing someone here? I see a picture of thumbs that don't look like Chikara's, perhaps they belong to the missing Mrs.I! I am however seriously grateful for not only your blogging faithfulness, but any pictures that you post. Those girlies look so yummy, but let's see something of Mummy!
Lots of love, Mom