Sunday, January 27, 2008

just to be clear

Once a month we go to Costco and I stock up on some of our favorite foods. Then I try desperately not to eat everything in the first week! We usually buy ground beef, cheese, sour cream, salsa, cream of mushroom soup, torilla shells and then other assorted goodies depending on the season. Once we've got all the things we need then we head over to the bakery section and Chikara and I try to decide between getting pastries or muffins for our breakfasts for the next week. The girls always lobby for the package that has all chocolate muffins but that's a little bit too much for us. Once we bought the package that has only blueberry muffins and there was a great outcry of disbelief from the peanut gallery!

Last week we bought the variety pack of muffins and the next morning when I asked the girls what they wanted for breakfast, I had this conversation with Misaki.

Me: Hey, Misaki, what do you want for breakfast?

Misaki: nuffin...

Me: what?

Misaki: I want nuffin...

Me: Nothing for breakfast?

Misaki: No, a nuffin, I want a nuffin!

Me: Oh! A Mmmuffin?

Misaki: oh... yes, a muffin, please... (giggle!)

Sakura: I want a chocolate nuffin, too!!!

My girlies are so cute.

Also, did you know that they have begun selling magazines at the Costco in Amagasaki? I almost fell over when I saw the rack with all sort of magazines, in English, in the current months' edition even! It was very exciting. I probably won't buy a magazine every month but at least I know where I can get one now. Hee-hee! (I'm giddy with excitement)

Actually Chikara and I were talking yesterday about how much easier it is for me to live in Osaka now than when we moved here almost seven years ago. At that time there was no Costco, we didn't know about FBC or Expat Express and there was no hope of an Ikea. Another thing that has made my life easier is Tsutaya's online DVD rental system. The closest Tsutaya (Japanese version of Blockbuster Video) is at least 30 minutes away so the fact that I can choose videos and have them delivered to my house in one day is awesome.

Seriously, seven years ago we didn't have "nuffin"!


Abigail Munday said...

Man, I'm sure glad we moved to Hyogo two years ago! I LOVE Costco (we go about once a month, too, but once we have two carseats I don't know what we'll do with the limited space in our tiny Corolla). And we head over to Rokko every couple of months to check out FBC as well. Fun times!

I really do miss our apartment in Aichi, though. We were right next door to a wonderful Brazilian shop with cafe and bakery in the back that made AWESOME food.

Trisha said...

What would we do without Costco? The only problem is I end up spending way more than I budgeted for.

Christelle said...

I'm soooooooooo jealous!! I live in the "middle of nowhere near a Costco"! I use FBC but it isn't the same as going and browsing. At least we have a foreign food store here so I can get peanut butter and tortillas and things. But a Costco- that would be a dream. And an Ikea, wow. I sometimes visit my sister in Chiba and we always go to Outback Steakhouse for their sinfully delicious Aussie Cheesefries with Ranch Dressing. Mmmm. (sigh). What I wouldn't give even to have a Subway sandwich shop here. And a Tsutaya online??? (sigh again). We have to drive 30 minutes to the nearest Tsutaya. That's why I have Yahoo BB TV. I am now immune to repeats. I do love where we live, but maybe someday in the future it might be fun to try somewhere else. Well, I'm hungry now. Gonna go have lunch.

Tigermama said...

Here`s to Costco! Totally worth the long drive. We moved here in the middle of December and have already been twice!

I am LMAO about the "nuffin" story because I have a similar one about my son. When he was 3 he couldn`t say the "n" sound very well and it always sounded like "m". I would say; "Tigerboy, what are you doing?" and he would say "muffin". It was so cute. Once I said "muffin" back and he said in a very authoratative voice, "Not muffin, MUFFIN!"

mom said...

My only sadness about this recent Costco trip is that I was looking forward to going to Costco with you next week, just to see the delight on your face at each new discovery, how you get a little misty around the eyes in the cereal aisle, the body language of complete satisfaction at the food court - what can compare?
love Mom