Thursday, January 31, 2008

on being bi-lingual

I had been thinking about writing about how teaching our kids two languages is going when one of my blog friends wrote a lovely post about her experience with her daughters. Then all of my other blog friends wrote long comments about their experiences, too (including me!). So if you're wondering how it's going and what we face then please go and check out Laura's blog. Her writing is so awesome that you may just be tempted to read all of her posts. If you do, be prepared for some tears and laughter along the way.

This is my new favorite picture of Natsuki.

Isn't she just pathetic? She's trying to guilt me into letting her play in the garbage can!


Tigermama said...

Poor little Natsuki, not allowed to play with the garbage can! ;) :)

My kids have dual citizenship (Canadian and Japanese) and we are right now working on the paperwork for the American one (I have American and Canadian citizenship). Did you have trouble getting either the American or the Canadian one? Just wondering as it seems a tad complicated to get the 3rd one....or maybe that`s just for us?

Gina said...

What an adorable picture of Natsuki! : )

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...


To be completely honest, besides Emi, we haven't completed the paperwork for any of the girl's American citizenship. Everytime we would get ready to go, we would find out I was pregnant again so we'd decide to wait until the next baby was born. Well, we're not having any more kids (knock on wood) so it's one of the things we're doing this year. I'll let you know if we run into any complications.

Anonymous said...

you are such a mean mommy, why can't she play in the garbage?

Love Kim!

Mom said...

looking on the Canadian immigration website, it looks pretty straightforward if the Canadian parent has a Social Insurance number, and not that expensive. Jan. 31 you need proof of citizenship and picture ID to get across the Canada/US border, so load up on those passports, girls!
Bilingual is one thing, bicultural is observation is that so many immigrant children here in the Vancouver area have got both down, but only learn to read and write in one language, and that is when they start to become one or the other in their personal identity. Also, it seems like it's always the mom that makes the big difference in this area, as moms hand down culture and traditions. Blessings on you bilingual moms - give your kids everything you've got, especially before puberty (the kids' puberty, not your own.....)

Andrea said...

Well happy birthday to Misaki too! She did just barely squeak in there :-). Ian was born at 11:40 in the morning so we were pretty sure it would be that day.

And that's so unfair that you have to be the one to give chocolates on Valentine's Day! Is there any day for you that's similar?

Hope it was a good day anyway!

coarse gold girl said...

Oh man! No playing in the trash can? I bet splashing about in the toilet is off limits too. . .

she definitely knows how to pout to perfection!


Anonymous said...

Alright.......come on..enough time out...get going on this blog!!!luv anyway...Nanawppyovte