Saturday, July 05, 2008

as requested...

We only started using a digital camera two years ago but my photos from before then are actually pretty organized so I went through and found a few favorites of the girls from when they were younger. What do you think?

Emi - 7 months

Misaki - 6 months

Me - 28th birthday, Emi - 22 months

Emi - 23 months

Emi - 2-1/2 years

Misaki - 16 months

Emi - 3 years, Misaki - 23 months

Misaki - 2 and a bit

Emi - 3-3/4 years, Misaki - 2-1/2, Sakura - 4 months

Family Picture, Chikara and I - 29 years, girls - same as above

Emi - 4 years, Misaki - almost 3 years

Oh man, that was way too much fun!


Tigermama said...

You have such beautiful girls. They all have gorgeous big dark eyes.

Kim said...

Too, too cute! Thanks for your recent comment on my post too! I always appreciate your input because of your great experience!

Abigail said...


BTW, I recognize that stroller in the last picture! :)

Abigail said...

Another BTW: I'm glad you don't want abovementioned stroller back because I slammed the stroller seatbelt strap in our trunk door and smashed the plastic locking clip to smithereens! I can still use the stroller to snap the baby carrier on, but too bad we gave away our other stroller, because we'll need another one when Joel gets big enough to sit up!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Kawaii! Thank you so much for sharing those with us. Emi looks alot different from the other girls doesn't she? She has a different shaped face. I'm one of 4 siblings too so i find the genetic differences/similarities in families facinating. xxoo Katie

Sara said...

Your girls are so beautiful!!
It seems like Emi resembles your husband a little more while S, M, and N seem to look a little more like you.

So interesting to see their development! I'm sure the girls will really enjoy seeing all these pictures you took of them when they are older!

Nay said...

Your girls are all so gorgeous!! I love your pictures. They all have similiar facial expressions that you can easily tell they are all sisters! Not like my sister and I - we are completely different, lol!

Christelle said...

Great photos! I can't believe how similar Natsuki and Sakura looked in that other post too! I finally had a chance to check other blogs again- my little king is sleeping beside me- only way I can get computer time now, he often wakes up so quickly if I put him in his crib. Thanks for all your comments on my blog!