Saturday, July 05, 2008

comparison pictures

My mom wrote a comment on the last post that the last picture of Natsuki drinking from a cup could be any one of the girls since we've used the same high chair, same bib, same cup, etc. for all of the girls. Hmmm....

Sakura at 22 months:

Natsuki at 22 months:

Sakura's first pigtails (22 months)

Natsuki's first pigtails (also 22 months)

Seeing a pattern? Only the vacuum cleaner has changed!


Anonymous said...

You are right! They do look identical! Post some pic of Emi and Misaki at that age please. All your girls are beautiful. They are going to be very popular with the boys- Katie

Anonymous said...

They ara adorable!!
All the pictures you have posted are fantastic and the 4 girls are beautiful and sweety.