Thursday, July 17, 2008

five more days!

I'm surprised we haven't spontaneously combusted from an overabundance of excitement over here.

I've got my lists going but they're not as long as it seems they should be so I'm nervous that I've forgotten something.

Emi has written two lists: one list of stuff she wants to bring and one list of activities she wants to do in Canada. On the to do list, every third one is "play outside". I had to make her wait until Friday to start packing her carry-on and we're not leaving until Tuesday!

Misaki doesn't have a list but she reminds me everyday that I promised that I would put the batteries back in their Tamagotchi so they can play with them on the trip.

Sakura keeps asking me if she can bring "stuff". The answer to that is "yes" and "no".

Natsuki is so cute and fun right now and I'm afraid she's going to turn into a cranky two-year-old before we get there and everyone will miss out on her cuteness and funness. I probably shouldn't worry about this...

Also, can anybody help me? I'm trying to find a portable internet device for Chikara while we're on vacation. When we're at my parents house, it's no problem, but when we go camping he still needs to be able to work a few hours every day (my concession to his being able to come). His computer (Dell) already has a wireless internet connection built into it so I just need to find a . . . what? I have no idea what this is called. A few months ago he travelled in Japan to a conference which was in the middle of nowhere so he rented a satellite internet connection thingy that was a card with an antenna that just hooked into his computer. Does anyone know what this is actually called? What do business people use when they travel overseas? Help!


Memory said...

If he has a blackberry or phone with an Internet connection, he can go online with his laptop via bluetooth. Alternatively, some phone companies (in the UK at least) sell USB drives that you can connect to the Internet with.

Tracy said...

That was Tracy, this is what I mean:

Henri said...

Hi Sarah,

He should do what I do when I work from wherever (the beach!). Connect his phone to his laptop using bluetooth (or a wire if bluetooth isn't an option).

Then get a "data plan" for the cell phone from the service provider. Bingo. When you want to connect to the internet it's the same as doing dial-up. You click the "connect now" button, wait a second or two, and start surfing.

Works great.

You'll need:

- An unlocked phone. (Fida and rogers ar the only two companies in Canada that work with SIM phones, although you might not have one of those since I think they use a different system in Japan?

- A data plan with whatever local provider you use. I'm sure Telus, Fido, Rogers, whatever will all offer something.

Most of them will also rent a device you can just plug into the USB port of the laptop that has the cell phone built-in. A bit more expensive but much more convenient if you don't already have the phone.

Hope that helps. Call Fido and ask them.. they're my preference since they seem to actually care about customer service. :)

Lily said...

YOU GUYS ARE IN CANADA RIGHT NOW? See what I miss when I take a blogging break:) Hope you are all having a blast. I understand the fuel charge thing :( Finally, at least JAL won't be charging the surcharge to infants so next trip home in December won't be so financially painful.