Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Short of fleeing to the closest airport, whipping out your credit card and paying an enormous fee for airline ticket that would take you home RIGHT NOW, how do you handle the inevitable and sometimes unbearable feelings of homesickness?

Yes, we're going home next week but we probably won't be able to take a trip home next year due to the rising costs of the fuel surcharge and also just the fact that there is six of us! I know during the times of "no trip home in the near future" that homesickness will crash over me unbidden and then I will do what I always do. Buy a book. Yes, this is my ultimate cure for homesickness. Somehow buying a book, either a new one or a golden oldie that I love and want to pass onto my children, and sitting down to read it helps me create a little Canadian/American bubble that I can climb into and relax in for awhile. It never fails.

Also, I count my blessing. Life in Japan has gotten so much easier to live in the past seven years. There's Costco, FBC, Expat Express, Ikea, etc. We have internet access and cheap long distance rates. I created a blog and thereby made a lot of new friends who understand exactly what I'm going through. I've learned how to speak Japanese and I've made awesome Japanese friends. Well, the list goes on and on but stopping to take a moment to focus on the positives in my life make the negatives a little bit more bearable.

So, what is your "cure" for homesickness? I know a few ladies who are in the throes of homesickness and they might appreciate a few new ideas on how to dig themselves out!


Trisha said...

Hmmm, good question. I usually make something "American" for dinner- like fried chciken and mashed potatoes. I also like to rent movies, pop popcorn abd escape into another world for a little while. I also like to lose myself in the foreign section of Kinokuniya and end the day with a good book at Starbucks- more for the people watching than the coffee.

tj-injapan said...

I am sure that this muggy heat is not helping things, but happy to say that I am not feeling so homesick this week (yay!) not sure what I *did* to get over it though??? Although, I have been trying to be more "kind to me" this week- today was a starbucks coffee at a shopping mall and lamb and boiled potatoes for dinner, yesterday a KFC burger and an early night, Monday was a day inside doing nothing except skying a friend from home and letting The hubby deal with DD from the time he got home from work, until she was sound asleep!! It all seems to be helping, thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah! I have never really been away from home for too long,which i think is a good thing for me! But I get away sickness if that makes any sense? I love going away especially to mexico, so if I'm having a particulary hard day and just want to relax then i'll listen to fun music and go out for mexican food and just try to live a day that i would live if i were there. So I would say maybe live a day like you would if you were home. Watch a good movie, make or get some hamburgers, listen to really good old music that you listened to when you were younger. Just have a Canadian/American day. I hope this helps!

Love Kim
.........you're favorite cousin:)

Hannah said...

I do a few things when I get super homesick.
- make either refried spaghetti or a fried egg sandwich (Mom food)
- read my sister's blog
- if I miss shopping, I read design magazines and think about how much money I'm saving now so that I can spend it later on a house.
These either make it better or worse. Sometimes the hardest thing about missing home is realizing that the home you're missing isn't there anymore.