Wednesday, July 09, 2008

just a little embarrassing

I wrote two weeks ago about a busy day that we had running errands. The third errand on that day was to go to a friend's house and try to get Natsuki infected with chicken pox. Knowing that two weeks of incubation had passed I was on the lookout for poxes. On Saturday night it seemed like Natsuki had a few pox-y looking type marks on her face and Sunday morning when she woke up they were still there and she had a low-grade fever so I decided to be safe and keep her home from church. Usually when we need to split up the kids I'll take Natsuki & Sakura and Chikara will take Emi & Misaki (or vice versa) but there was no reason for Sakura to stay home so Chikara decided to take all three pox-free children to church. He was a little nervous since he had a meeting in the afternoon but the girls behaved very well for him.

Natsuki and I had a lovely, quiet time at home. I just sat on the couch and she ran around and made me "food" and we did puzzles and generally had nice time. I kept checking her body for more signs of chicken pox but by the time I put her down for her nap, nothing more had materialized. She had a fabulous 3-hour nap (and so did I) and right after we woke up Chikara called to say they were on their way back home. Natsuki had no new poxes so we decided to risk going out for dinner because we needed to take some much-needed Tylenol to a friend's house.

Then on Monday there were still no more poxes.

Tuesday. No poxes.

Hmmmm . . . maybe she doesn't have chicken pox after all. The timing of whatever was on her face and her fever was amazingly coincidental, though. I'm going to be a little embarrassed when I go church on Sunday and have to tell this story a million times over and over again. Sigh.

Well, on the bright side, I don't have to deal with an itchy, cranky baby for the next week and I don't have to worry about leftover scars preventing us from getting on the plane and going to Canada.

Only two more weeks! Yeah!


mom said...

You could sneak out of the country a couple of weeks early and avoid all that question answering. Speaking of embarrassing, you have experienced a spelling fusion with caressing! I can tell it's time for us to load you up with more reading in English.......

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

Oops. Thanks mom.

Christie D. said...

Hi from me, a random visitor, again --

Oh no, I just realized that the previous commenter "mom" is actually your mom!! Sorry! I actually addressed her as "mom" in my comment on your chicken pox post a couple of weeks ago, thinking she was another random blogger who happened to have the blog name "mom"... How embarrassing. Sorry to your Mom!!

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

Please don't worry! We don't stand on ceremony much around here.

Andrea said...

That's funny. I hope you didn't have to repeat your story too many times!

I've been on the lookout here for chicken pox outbreaks but haven't heard anything yet. As much as I will hate to have the boys sick.. .I would love to have it past us!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to read you actively sought out chickenpox, I have done that myself with my kids, I still need mumps for my boys! and people seem to think I am mad.