Thursday, July 10, 2008

classic Misaki

Today Misaki had swimming class at school so when she left this morning she took her pool bag with her. However, when she came back she didn't have her pool bag in her hands. When I asked her where her pool stuff was, she stopped for a second, looked up thoughtfully and then grimaced and said she must've forgotten it. Great, I'm thinking, all that wet stuff sitting overnight is going to get all musty and moldy. Why, oh why, does she do this?

It was a hot day and they were pretty sweaty so I let them sit down with a popsicle to cool down before they did their homework. Once both their popsicles were gone I reminded them to get out their homework and as Misaki opened her bag, she suddenly exclaimed and then giggled. Her pool bag was inside her school bag. She pulled it out with a slightly embarrassed but mostly relieved look on her face. "Oh", she said, "I forgot".

How is it possible that she could forget this in the short ten minutes it takes to leave her classroom and get all the home. Boggles the mind.

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Mom said...

I ask myself the same question as I stand staring into the fridge wondering why I opened it in the first place.....
love Mom