Friday, July 18, 2008

Sakura's blog

I posted a new song on Sakura's blog. We have been having so much fun together picking songs, recording them and then watching the video clips on her blog. She totally knows that this is a special thing just for her and she loves to ask her sisters if they've seen her "computer". I'm proud of her sisters for being genuinely excited for her.

For those of you who check her blog, we probably won't do any new songs until September when the summer break is over. I would really like to say thanks for your comments and encouragements to Sakura. It's hard to say if she realizes that people all over the world see her singing but for sure she enjoys it when I read the comments to her!

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Mom said...

It is so awesome that this idea of yours worked out so well for Sakura and for all of us. when you are here in Canada, we can hook up the laptop to the HDTV in the livingroom, and we can all watch them together on the big screen.