Saturday, September 20, 2008

coffee break

So I successfully quit drinking coffee except that, well, I wasn't as satisfactory as I hoped it would be. Actually, it was boring. I looked forward to Sunday afternoons when I could get a cup of coffee without feeling guilty! I tried a lot of other drinks and I found that I liked grape juice the best but it's not sold in any supermarkets in my neighborhood so that was no help.

Someone had mentioned on my last post that they enjoyed a cup of coffee as a reward for chores being done and I realized that that might be the balance I was looking for. So I switched "coffee plans" last week and not only do I get to enjoy coffee again, but I'm getting a lot of housework done, too! I'm hoping that since I end up drinking my coffee at different times of the day (and some lazy days, I get no coffee) that I won't get hooked again and can avoid the headaches. Time will tell.

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