Sunday, September 21, 2008


On Thursday nights my in-laws come and take the older three girls out for the evening so it's just me and Natsuki. I look forward to this time because Natsuki is really relaxed and playful. This last Thursday as I finished dinner I turned to her and said, "Are you ready for dinner?". She was standing by the couch and she said yes, but then she put her hand straight up in the air and said "Me!". I laughed since obviously there was only her but she wouldn't come until I acknowledged her answer. I've got another strong little girlie on my hands!


Lulu said...

So cute!!! That is so funny!

It is nice that your in-laws take the older three girls once a week. It must be nice for you to have a bit of a break and spend some quality time with Natsuki!

thefukases said...

That's so cute! How special for you both, too. I am making an effort to spend time with the girls one on one as Amy has no sense of self. She lives in Meg's house, she sees a car 'just like Meg's car!' etc etc. :(

Christelle said...

Like the new blog look and the flashback post idea.
I gave up coffee during pregnancy and my cravings are back with a vengence now!!!!