Friday, September 12, 2008

Flashback Friday!

Welcome to the new corner of my blog: Flashback Friday!

This picture was taken right before we moved to Japan in August 2001, which means we've been in Japan for seven whole years now! Isn't Emi just adorable in this picture with her chubby cheeks and big eyes? I know I look a little tired but I had just found I was pregnant! Surprise!

Anyways, seven years later, I can honestly say we made the right decision. Here's to seven more years!


Abigail said...

Awwwww, cute!

Mom said...

love the new banner picture for your blog too. Flashback Fridays is a brilliant idea. In this picture Emi looks like she's trying to cut a tooth, doesn't she? Remember we used to sit on the floor and just watch her like she was the latest news.
Love Mom

Dad said...

Sarah, who is that young kid that is sitting with you and Emi? My favourite picture of Emi at that age is still her with the cowboy hat on.

Dad said...

Sarah, I realized that my previous comment might be misinterpreted without further elucidation. You never look any older than 16.

Tracy said...

Amazing Sarah, you look exactly as you did in high school! Parenting clearly suits you :) Loved your summer photos, looks like everyone had a great time.