Friday, September 05, 2008

story time

I'm not sure exactly how it got started but on Monday night after dinner, the six of us sat around the table and told stories to each other for 40 minutes or so. I think Emi asked us to tell a funny story from when we were little so we told a couple of Chikara's funny stories and then Emi told a story and then Misaki and then Sakura and even Natsuki told us a story. It was hysterical and it just went on and on. Some of the girl's stories made no sense at all and Misaki went on with one story for a good ten minutes and we had no idea what she was talking about! Natsuki's story was hysterical because she kept making sounds and faces to go along with it. I sure wish we knew what she was trying to say.

It was a such a spontaneous, special time and I kept thinking that I should get out the video camera but I knew that if I did, they would stop, so I just decided to enjoy it and write about it later. But it was one of those times where I wished our life was a reality TV show so that it could've been caught on camera.

In other news (that's probably only of interest to me), I finally got rid of the washlet on our 2nd floor toilet. Ever since we moved into this house 4 years ago I wanted to throw it away but I could never come up with a good alternative. A new washlet was too expensive, especially since we don't ever use the washlet function, but if I bought a regular toilet seat we would freeze our butts off in the winter time so I kept giving up. Finally I discovered a warmlet at our local home store. It was only 50 bucks and it does the warming thing in the winter so it was perfect. I measured our toilet twice and went and looked at the warmlet in the store about 10 times before I actually bought it!

The dumb thing was that after I loosened the bolts that hold the washlet on I realized that the washlet was still attached to the wall because of the water connection. I just couldn't believe that I had forgotten about that. I tried to turn off the water to the washlet but the valve wouldn't move. Chikara was a little ticked off with me but he sweetly called his dad for advice. His dad is also sweet so although it was almost 10pm, he came over and helped me finish the job!

So now the new warmlet is on, the toilet smells MUCH better and I am very happy. And I have the sweetest, cutest kids in the whole wide world.


Dad said...

Sarah, did you tell a story about yourself growing up? I certainly remember the "tricky imaginations" and the "tea parties". What else do you remember? Those spontaneous family times are so special.

thefukases said...

What a great family activity. The spontaneous moments are always extra special aren't they?

I love your blog's new look, too.

Mom said...

Do you remember the stories Dad used to tell about McGillicuddys - Susie, Sally and Billy-Bob? And how later they had a puppy named Joel? And how they travelled the world and had adventures? and they sounded alot like Sarah, Hannah and Jonathan? and of course, later, Joel? I think we set a dangerous precedent here...