Sunday, October 05, 2008

darn the rain

Emi and Misaki's sports day got rained out this morning. Poo.


Gina said...

Good morning holy cow, that stinks! So was it like cancelled cancelled, you know, like plain ol' called off and rescheduled for another day. Or was it still on, just in the rain. Reason I ask is because, a week or so ago friends of ours had their undokai in the rain. It was just misting according to them, but they were forced do give it a go in the rain. : ( Poor them.

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

It's postponed until Tuesday, unfortunately that day Chikara is busy all day and I have to teach English from the afternoon so I'll catch the morning and that's it. If it's raining on Tuesday I'm not sure what they'll do after that.

thefukases said...

Fingers crossed tomorrow is fine for the girls!

Last year the local ES sports day was put off twice before finally doing it. The supermarket must have been loving it with everyone buying all those bento goods three times!!