Friday, October 03, 2008

first grade

Another flashback! This time to my first grade class picture. Can you guess which is me?

That's right, front row, far right. The only little girl with one knee up. The day we received our pictures, a few other girls in my class took the picture and somehow marked an indentation of a check over all the girls except me. Over my head was an "X". They said they had gotten "this" picture directly from the photographer and he had marked it himself. "Didn't I feel bad that I had wrecked the picture?" They actually said that to me. Amazingly, this is not a sad story for me. I just shrugged my shoulders and walked away thinking, "Girls are dumb". I didn't even hate them or feel sad that they did that. I think this was an early indicator of my ability to block stupid people and their stupid comments out of my life! I wonder if I ever told my parents about that day?


Gina said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you Sarah! Mean people suck. And I hate the way some girls will bully on 1 girl. Or as a group, decide to be cruel to 1 girl. That is an awful thing to have happen to anyone. I'm really sorry.

And fwiw, I have the ability to block stupid people and their lame comments too. A blessing to have this, isn't it. : ) So, I hear ya friend! : ) Have a good weekend, okay! : )

cara said...

Wow, you expect comments like that from girls when they're older, but grade 1? And even if it didn't make you sad, you've still remembered it all this time. Dumb girls. Of course, the cutest little boy is the one right behind you. :) And did you know that Kevin Rathbun finally got married last week?

thefukases said...

I'm mazed that 1st graders were saying that, too. How horrible. I admire you not letting it get to you, though. I'm the opposite, I'm stewing over things way after the person who said it has forgotten all about it!!

I love your smile in the picture. :)