Wednesday, October 01, 2008

my vacation is officially over

The cool weather has finally pushed me out of vacation mode. Actually I feel like for the last few months I've been on an "idea-search" trying to find answers to different changes we want to make in our lives. Kind of like being in a cocoon (mentally at least), preparing for what kind of butterfly I want to become. But a lot of these ideas have come together and Chikara and I have started talking through some of them so I feel like I'm starting to break out of that cocoon and will soon be able to take action.

As part of the "taking action", Sakura and I sat down today and made a few more videos for her blog. We posted the first one today and the other two are scheduled to appear over the next weeks. It's amazing how many hits her blog gets every week, even during the two months we didn't post anything new. I guess her fan base is pretty solid!!! Thank you!

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Kim said...

Sakura-chan, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting new videos! Jun still sings Happy Birthday Sakura daily. She will be so happy to hear and see your new videos! I have nearly learned the words to Inu no Omawari san and the Kaeru song. Thanks for teaching them to me! Have a lovely day. It is SUNNY here in Tokyo after a lot of days with rain!