Wednesday, November 04, 2009

cold snap

Hi everyone!

The weather changed yesterday and all of a sudden it's cold. One day the heaters weren't even plugged in and now they're going full blast. And I have to say I'm happy about it for several reasons.

One: I'm supposed to be planning some Christmas events and it was really hard to get in the mood when it's still over 70 degrees outside.

Two: Every morning the girls and I had a hard time deciding what clothes to wear. Is today a shorts and T-shirt day? A jeans and T-shirt day? Should we wear long sleeves or a T-shirt and a jacket? Sometimes we were wrong and the girls would come home hot and sweaty or freezing cold.

Three: Because of "two" I had to figure out how to cram most of the girl's summer clothes and their winter clothes into their drawers. That seriously doesn't work. I will happily pack away all of our summer clothes this week. Yes, I said happily because I love organizing. And if you're giggling behind your computer screen at me when you can just shut it!!

Four: We are getting sick of summer food but it wasn't quite time for winter food. Now I can add stews and nabe into my weekly menu.

Five: I just love the cool weather. I love how the air smells and I love how clear and blue the sky is and because of this wonderful season I can bear living through the awful summer.

Six: And this is really the most important. I can finally wear all the clothes I bought in Portland last month!!


Lulu said...

I wrote a post with the exact same name just last night- I think the cold snap has hit EVERYWHERE in Japan now!

It does signal that Christmas is finally around the corner- my favourite part of the year (extra special this year since am expecting my first little one!) so I am happy with the change in weather. I just hope it doesn`t bounce back to 20 degree days next week...

Enjoy putting away the summer clothes. I am with you, I love organizing although have been so SLACK lately.

Enjoy the weather :-)

Lily said...

hear hear for the nabes and stews. All those wonderful one pot meals that can feed and tribe and warm their bodys and souls.
Will you post pics of the portland clothing?

Mom said...

I'm going through the opposite reaction to the weather. We were in Phoenix for 4 days for Halloween but mostly for painting indoors. Even though we weren't outside, we still appreciated the fact that every morning it was sunny, and it was still light out at 7pm.
Then we came home to Canada and it has rained hard everyday since. Not only that, but it is dark when we wake up, and dark before dinner. I don't normally notice because I grew up in this weather, but we also had the time change back from daylight savings time while we were gone, so that change plus the contrast with Phoenix has made it so noticeable. It's cold and damp! ...And since I've lost weight (32 lbs now) I'm cold all the time
Having said that, I'm so thankful for the great clothes I bought in Portland - they are the only clothes that fit me now - and they are warm - yeah!