Friday, January 29, 2010

what a cute daddy

I was going through the pictures on our computer today and found a collection that I had put together for Chikara to celebrate Father's Day a few years ago.

A few are so cute that I have to share.

Asleep with Emi (1 month old)

Asleep with Misaki (2 months old)

Asleep with Natsuki (3 months old)

No pictures asleep with Sakura but this is cute!

An extra bonus pic asleep with Misaki (2 years old)

Chikara has definitely always been available to assist with naptimes!


Mom said...

it looks like all your husband and children do is sleep, but I know that's not true...

Gaijin Wife said...

Great pics - but that last one is classic.

LM said...

What is the diet of your family like? Is there anything in Japan that you can't consume because it's 1) unavailable or 2) too costly?

Do you guys get access to potatoes?

If food is imported, where is it from?